KNUDSEN, is located in Canada and has been designing and building echosounders for most of its existence. Starting in the late 1980’s with the 320A, designed for helicopter surveys in the high Arctic, and continuing with the 320M, 320B and their derivatives, KNUDSEN echosounders are now used in more than 70 countries around the world. Known for their pioneering use of digital signal processing (DSP) technology, KNUDSEN sounders are used in a wide range of applications, from shallow-water hydrographic survey to full-ocean depth scientific research.

KNUDSEN owners Don and Judith Knudsen

Our Strengths

A key strength of KNUDSEN is the complementary alliance of partners Donald Knudsen, President, and Judith Knudsen, V.P. Operations / Marketing – both of whom understand the importance of product innovation and customer satisfaction. President Donald Knudsen is the driving force behind the company’s technical team. Don gained early field experience as a senior engineer at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, where he was involved with the development of a variety of systems for airborne remote sensing. Previously, he worked at the Canadian Hydrographic Service, where he learned about sonar and signal processing, and survey technology. As Judith observes, “In this business there is no substitute for field experience.”

Donald Knudsen has also been acknowledged for his work in the field of digital beamforming technology, for which he received Canada’s highest award for innovation, the Manning Foundation Award of Distinction. His DAISY (Digital Acoustic Imaging System) was the world’s first high-resolution, broadband, dynamically focused sonar. This technology was subsequently licensed to a major defense contractor.

Anticipating market needs is something that KNUDSEN has been doing for a long time. Judith recalls, “When KNUDSEN arrived on the scene of a well-established survey market with entrenched competition, we immediately recognized that we would have to offer something new, and that was technology. So, we became one of the early pioneers of DSP technology, and this gave us a key advantage in a market where most of the competition was still based on analog hardware. We decided that our customers would prefer to buy from an innovative leader in the field.”

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The KNUDSEN Building in Perth, Ontario

A Little About Where We Are...

KNUDSEN is located in historic Perth, Ontario – close to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, and also to the many nearby lakes and rivers that act as the company’s test and customer training sites. Incorporated in 1981 by the husband and wife team of Donald and Judith Knudsen, the company has grown steadily over the years from an engineering-driven R&D enterprise into a market leader, exporting over 90% of its production, with over 400 installations worldwide.

KNUDSEN has established world recognition for its variety of flexible products designed to address a basic common end-user requirement to accurately measure the water depth from under numerous floating platforms (including small water craft, large ocean vessels, fleet and patrol vessels, surface and underwater remotely controlled and autonomous vehicles (ROV's/AUV's), and recently even submarines) to the sea bottom. Requirements for this accurate depth information are shared by a multitude of end-user requirements including hydrographic survey & mapping, pre/post dredging survey, ship navigation, oceanographic research, and sub-bottom profiling of the sea bottom sediment layers.

Quality Policy

"Knudsen Engineering Limited will be seen as a technology leader in acoustic marine equipment with a mission to meet all customer and applicable legal requirements. Through ongoing analysis, and continual improvement of our Quality Management System, Knudsen Engineering Limited will strive to set goals and objectives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction."

See our certificate: ISO 9001:2015