Knudsen 320N

KNUDSEN to Supply Sonar Sets to U.S. Navy for Fleet Installation on DDG Destroyers and Other Ship Classes

October 2nd, 2019

Today, Knudsen Engineering, manufacturer of high performance sonar products, announced that their firm will be supplying Sonar Sounding Sets to the U.S. Navy through their U.S. distributor, KSI. Deliverables under the follow-on 4-year IDIQ contract with estimated ceiling of $16.8M (U.S.) includes 320N Navigation Echosounders, EchoSim Sonar Simulators, Remote Displays and NTDS Converter Systems.

The 320N Navigation Echosounder, now designated by the U.S. Navy as the UQN-10 Next Generation Fathometer, was originally designed to replace obsolete UQN-4 fathometers installed on a significant number of U.S. surface ships. Recently, the 320N has also been selected for several new U.S. ship builds. A slightly modified version of the 320N is also scheduled for upcoming installation on Canada's Victoria Class Submarine Fleet.

For further information:
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