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KNUDSEN Receives $75,000 of R&D Funding Towards a New Remotely Operated Sediment Profiler

Next Generation Echosounders Announced for Canadian Victoria Class Submarine Fleet

Another Great Day at Oceanology International '18

US Navy Announces 'Next Generation Fathometer' Selection

Pinger SBP Update

Pinger - Plug and Ping

Q & A With Judith Knudsen

New Sub-Bottom-Profiler Release

Happy Birthday KEL!

320N Now Installed on USN LSD Class Vessel

Mission Accomplished!

Chilly Arctic Remains Warm Niche for Knudsen

Product Announcement

2007 Was a Booming Year for KNUDSEN

320N Solves US Navy Obselescence Issues

KNUDSEN Becomes ISO 9001:2000 Certified

KNUDSEN 320 Series Echosounder Provides Critical Global Warming Data

More KEL Trips to China

US Coast Guard Procures 2 More 320Ns

KNUDSEN Expands Customer Base Into South America

KNUDSEN 320N Navigation Continues to Attract New Customers

Knudsen Receives Volume Order From the Navy Oceanographic Office at the Stennis Space Center

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