Deep Water Solutions

Knudsen Chirp 3260 offers innovative proven solutions to serious full ocean depth bathymetry and sub-bottom profiling requirements. Within North American, customers such as the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards, NOAA, and the UNOLS fleet of deep ocean research vessels have chosen Knudsen deep water echosounders for their demanding full ocean depth missions.

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USCGC Hamilton (Whec 715).

Chirp 3260

  • Proven full ocean depth capability to over 10,000 metres
  • Up to 10 kW power output
  • Provides deep water depth tracking and sub-bottom profiling
  • Meets IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) Standards
  • Standard Dual Frequency configuration - 3.5 kHz. /12 kHz. (contact factory for other frequency options)
  • Used for deep ocean navigation / hull mounted sub bottom profiling requirements
  • USB connectivity to computers
  • SounderSuite high resolution graphical user interface
  • Pinger Mode
  • SEG-Y output format
  • Multiple pings in the water column
  • System of Choice for the UNOLS North American Research Vessel Organization
  • Proven workhorse for use both Canadian and U.S. Arctic Icebreaker fleets
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Chirp 3260 Echosounder.

The Chirp 3260 was designed to meet deep ocean requirements.