Shallow Water Solutions

  • Knudsen Sounder Series offers the industry's best and favorite choice for all standard hydrographic survey requirements.
  • Flexible system architecture provides a multi-task cost effective tool to do both bathymetric survey and hull mount side scan requirements.
  • Serious tools for serious scientists

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Four Channel Setup.

  • Meets IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) Standards
  • Frequencies 24 kHz. to 210 kHz.
  • Water depths from less than 1 foot to 1000 meters (when using 24 kHz)
  • Used for survey mapping requirements, pre/post survey dredge operations, navigation
  • Various models of transducers available for permanent survey launch installations and/or portable over-the-side installations
  • Built-in-interface to all standard survey peripherals (GPS, heave, datalogger)
  • USB connectivity to computers
  • SounderSuite-USB Windows Application Software included
  • SideScan option

320M and Sounder Series Echosounders