KNUDSEN Echo Sounder Products

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Sub-Bottom Profiling Echo Sounders

KNUDSEN Sub-Bottom technology features a wide variety of applications, including sediment profiling, high resolution target detection, and other types of geophysical research. From our Sub-Bottom sonar profiler, Pinger, with its large aperture array, to our full-ocean depth Chirp 3260, with Pinger listening mode, subsurface exploration is now a viable solution.

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KNUDSEN Sonar Accessories

KNUDSEN offers a wide variety of equipment to assist with your hydrographic surveying needs.

The EchoSim
The EchoSim is a great tool for use with the 320N and Chirp 3260 Echo sounders for troubleshooting, maintenance, Installation & Checkout (INCO), and Acceptance Testing, both Sea and Harbor(SAT/HAT).

KNUDSEN Remote Display
The Remote Display is a visual-aid tool connected to any KNUDSEN echo sounder, allowing a digital display of the depth recorded, and other tools.

Single, Dual, and Side Scan transducers in frequencies ranging from 3.5 kHz to 210 kHz.

Sounder Series

The KNUDSEN Sounder Series can tackle a number of applications, including bottom tracking for dredge excavations, as well as a shallow water survey depth finder. The ROVer supports autonomous unmanned surveys. It has the ability to be used over long distances, even in extreme arctic conditions, and can adjust calculations within the water column for undersea vessels. The Sounder Portable is ideal for surveys in harsh conditions where its rugged splashproof design protects the interior electronics from environmental damage. Look to the Sounder Series for digital systems for marine applications.

Chirp Series

The KNUDSEN Chirp Series provides high resolution data acquisition over a wide range of applications. Covering everything from geophysical exploration with sediment profiling to full ocean depth surveys for deep water seafloor mapping, or water column analysis. Open your surveys operations to include sediment profiling in shallow water with the Pinger, or sea bottom penetration with the deep-water Chirp 3260. The Chirp Series can supply your surveys with all the tools you require.