320N Navigation Echosounder

The 320N navigation echosounder is a sophisticated digital ‘Next Generation Fathometer’ (NGF). This echo sounder has an LED backlit LCD colour display with touchscreen interface for control and real-time data display including internal data storage of full-resolution echogram image data for post acquisition review and hardcopy output of nautical charts. The echosounder control software employs smart algorithms to allow hands-free operation with manual override capability for performance optimization in extreme conditions.

The 320N navigational echosounder with shock approved mounting fixture provides an impressive Grade A Shock Certification. The 320N’s compatibility with existing UQN-4 foundation, combined with recent US Navy UQN-10 designation, make it a logical and efficient drop-in replacement the legacy UQN-4(4A) Fathometer. The addition of a Remote Display and sonar signal simulator (EchoSim) rounds out your fleet navigation package.

If you require fleet navigation capabilities in a Mil spec qualified echosounder (i.e. designated USN UQN-10) with maritime vessel navigation and ranging, then look no further than the precision KNUDSEN 320N.

The 320N, KNUDSENs Naval echosounder to navigate ports in close quarters
Bottom view of 320N echosounder with connectors
Mounted View of 320N echosounder with Ship Mount
320N Remote Display
320N Remote Display Connectors
Paired with the 320N, the Echosim can help guide you towards the depths you need
Bottom of 320N with KNUDSEN ID plate and connectors
Front photo of 320N Echosounder