Chirp 3260

The Chirp 3260 echosounder is housed in a 5U rack case and interfaces directly to the user's computer through a USB cable connection. SounderSuite software is provided with the system which allows the user, through the EchoControl portion of the software, to operate, control and view the echogram real time while recording the depth data on the hard drive. The Chirp series of echosounders offer wideband chirp and correlation processing, sub-bottom sediment profiling data acquisition, deep water sounding for target detection, as well as industry standard SEG-Y data format.

The Chirp 3260 full ocean depth system is commonly used by researcher's worldwide for deep ocean survey and scientific research, typically configured for 3.5kHz /12kHz with max output power of 10kW on the 3.5kHz channel and 2kW on the 12kHz channel. This unit has become a standard with the UNOLS research vessel organization within North America which includes agencies such as Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Woods Hole and numerous universities. Most of the vessels are equipped with a 4 x 4 sixteen element 3.5 kHz. transducer array, and a separate 12 kHz. transducer. This sonar profiler is very versatile and is available with a wide range of signal types and power output to suit specific subsurface geophysical requirements while providing high-resolution data. The Chirp 3260 also has the capability to expand channels and output power for future growth. The Chirp 3260 has all the tools a geophysical research team could be looking for in a deep water survey system.

KNUDSENs top of the line Chirp 3260 Echosounder, capable of depths over 7000m
The Chirp 3260, A deep water echosounder with the ability to survey the absolute depth of the ocean.
Front Photo of the Chirp 3260
Rear Photo of the Chirp 3260 with connectors

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