Chirp Rack

The Chirp Rack is a blackbox system that is frequency agile within the range of 3.5-210 kHz and interfaces directly to the user's computer through a USB cable connection. Our SounderSuite software is provided with the system which allows the user, through the EchoControl portion of the software, to operate, control and view the echogram in real time while recording the depth data on the hard drive. Our Chirp series of echo sounders offer wideband chirp and correlation processing, as well as industry standard SEG-Y data format.

With up to four channels (two 2kW channels and two 1kW channels) in a single 3U rackmount case, the Chirp Rack provides a high-performance solution for survey vessels where splash proof packaging is not a requirement. This Chirp Rack system can be used for an array of applications, from pipeline tracking to deep ocean research.

KNUDSENs Chirp 3200 echo sounder. A key part of your sub-Bottom/Deep Ocean hydrography equipment
Rear connectors of the Chirp 3200 Echo sounder
Alternate photo of the front side of the chirp rack echo sounder

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