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Chirp Rack Echosounder

Chirp Rack Echosounder

Knudsen Chirp systems are the next benchmark in scientific sub-bottom profiling echosounders. The Chirp Rack system, a blackbox system which interfaces to your PC via a USB connection, incorporates the latest in digital signal processing technology and includes Knudsen SounderSuite-USB Windows application software and chirp and correlation processing algorithms to enhance sub-bottom capability. The unit, housed in a 3U rackmount case, is ideal for quick installation to a standard equipment rack on your survey platform.

With up to four channels (two 2kW channels and two 1kW channels) in a single 3U rackmount case, the Chirp Rack provides a high performance solution for survey vessels where splashproof packaging is not a requirement.

Chirp Series features:

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