The whole line of Sounder Series echosounder products.

Sounder Series
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Particularly useful, the Sounder product family of marine echo sounders can assign individual frequency channels to either side scan or bathymetry. This is used very effectively in the Sounder Rack and the Sounder Portable 4-channel survey systems. Two of the four channels are configured for a pair of 200 kHz side scan transducers, one looking to port and one to starboard. The other two channels are configured to a standard dual frequency downward-looking transducer to make the optimal sonar sounding tool. Add the KNUDSEN Sounder to your list of survey or dredging equipment, for a streamlined, user-friendly shallow water depth finder.
Featuring tried and tested methods, these digital sonar systems provided the best in underwater bottom tracking technology. If you require reliable depth measurement equipment for your marine applications, KNUDSEN offers the optimal high performance/low cost solution.

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