ROVer Autonomous Marine Echosounder

ROVer (based on the Sounder 1600 family of marine survey echosounders) is built to be fitted in remotely operated & autonomous vehicles, for specialized ocean floor mapping. This ‘headless’ sounding system with software centric architecture offers a low power, small footprint, and highly reliable solution. Unlike the other echosounder models within the Sounder Series line-up which require connection to an external Windows PC (for control, recording, and peripheral connections), ROVer has a built-in computer and can be considered a stand-alone system. The top side electronics are a headless system designed with an emphasis on simple and automated data collection, while still being capable of advanced operation and control via direct connect (monitor, keyboard, mouse) or over network (remote client).

The ROVer has proven itself to be versatile in the extreme cold of arctic surveys as an arctic bathymetry AUV Marine Sounder. Initially designed as a submarine echosounder capable of long distance unmanned marine surveys, the ROVer can be custom modified to fit the requirements of your AUV Survey Equipment.

The KNUDSEN ROVer, KNUDSENs autonomous echosounder with both AUV and ROV possibilities.
ROVer unit photo head on
Side photo of the ROVer autonomous echosounder
Rear photo of the ROVer autonomous echosounder

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