Mini Sounder

The Mini Sounder is a portable, low cost, entry level system ideal for shallow water to mid depth surveys. It is a single channel system that the user can configure to any frequency between 24kHz and 210kHz allowing use in water depths from 15cm up to 2000M +(transducer dependant). Multiple Mini Sounder systems allow the user the flexibility of having a dual channel system (ex 28/200kHz) on one day for sub-bottom tracking and two single channel systems the next for multiple vessel surveys.


Sounder 1600 Portable Series

Knudsen Sounder systems are the next benchmark in survey echosounders. The portable Sounder systems incorporate the latest in digital signal processing technology and includes Knudsen SounderSuite Windows application software for easy interface to your computer via a USB connection. The unit is housed in a lightweight, rugged, splashproof case and is ideal for easy transportation to changing project sites, and quick deployment on small survey platforms in open air environments. Available in 2 or 4 channel configuration, the versatile system is particularly well suited to multiple survey roles and includes a wide range of standard shallow water bathymetry and sidescan frequencies.

Sounder 1612

ROVer Sounder

The ROVer is a self contained, headless system that is capable of automatic operation and data collection/storage for AUV and ROV applications. The software centric architecture of this echosounder makes it a low power, small footprint, and highly reliable solution for unmanned data acquisition.

Sounder 1602

Sounder 1600 Rack Series

The Sounder Rack Echosounder is KEL's first completely new design since the introduction of the successful 320 Series. Based on the latest generation of 16-bit Digital Signal Processors from industry leader Texas Instruments, the Sounder Rack becomes the new benchmark for performance and accuracy. With up to four channels in a single 3U rackmount case the Sounder Series provides an economical solution for survey vessels where splashproof packaging is not a requirement.

Sounder 1602