Soundersuite-USB Applications

Knudsen SounderSuite-USB software is comprised of a range of applications, manuals and driver interfaces. Below is listing of the main items available with the SounderSuite-USB package.

What's Included:
EchoControl Client/Server
* Real-Time Scrolling Data Display
* Full Data Recording
* Full Echosounder Control
* Network support for Client/Server operations
* Off line data viewing
* Print Data to any Windows Printer
* XTF and SEG-Y Viewer
Conversion Utility
* Convert KEB files to alternative formats including XTF and SEG-Y.
HYPACK® Interface
* Direct, transparent interface to HYPACK® using included DLL file.
Firmware Loader
* Firmware Upgrades

EchoControl Screen Shot.

Using EchoControl Client/Server, users can run their sounders almost hands-free with features such as automatic phase adjustments and event annotation, or they can manually set parameters for each frequency to gain the most control over their surveys. On multi-frequency systems, users can choose to overlay or view each frequency's data separately using a range of visual effects such as negative or full color modes and reverse video. Also available are features such Heave correction and automatic GPS input and annotation. Client/Server architecture allows for operation of the echosounder from various PCs across a shared network.

Click here to view a Screenshot (900 x 654 px).

PostSurvey Screen Shot.

PostSurvey, the newest version of our application for viewing all Knudsen data, is available for download. to anyone interested. A copy is available for download on our website. The PostSurvey software provides the capability for offline data playback and printing of multiple KEL Echosounder, XTF and SEGY data files on the PC. Printing is available to any Windows Printer and can be done in black and white or color.

Click here to view a Screenshot (900 x 654 px).

The Conversion Utility allows the user to convert KEL-proprietary KEB files into industry standard XTF and SEGY data files after the fact. It also allows for decompression of compressed KEB files for third-party processing.

Hypack Max Screen Shot.

This plug-in allows for a direct, transparent interface to HYPACK® using included DLL file. HYPACK®, which must be purchased separately, contains powerful tools that let you quickly design your survey and display your results. Its powerful drawing engine can display background files in DXF, DGN, TIF, S-57, BSB raster, ARCS (Admiralty Raster Chart Service), and VPF files at any rotation and scale. Design tools allow you to quickly create planned lines. HYPACK® automatically stores your information to a project directory, allowing you to set up new surveys or to quickly switch to an existing survey.

For more information, visit the Hypack website,

Also included with each Echosounder is FirmwareLoader, an application that lets you install firmware upgrades through the USB interface. These upgrades can be sent via the web, email or CD-ROM.