Sub Bottom / Scientific Solutions

PINGER Sub-Bottom Profiler

15kHz Data

PINGER SBP, a new product offering by Knudsen Engineering, will provide researchers with an alternative to the challenges of shallow water sub-bottom profiling. PINGER’s large aperture receive array provides higher directivity in a more lightweight package

PINGER also gives the user the advantage of a wider bandwidth which allows simultaneous operation at multiple frequencies. The above graphic shows data collected transmitting and receiving on the same transducer compared to data collected with the PVDF receive array of the PINGER SBP.

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Chirp Rack and Chirp Portable

  • Portable over the side or full ocean depth hull mount.
  • Wideband Chirp and Correlation Processing.
  • Industry standard SEG-Y records.
  • Low cost alternative to expensive towed sub bottom profilers.
  • System architecture provides up to four independently configured frequency agile channels optimized for sub-bottom profiling in shallow to medium depths.

Chirp 3200 and Chirp 3210.

The Chirp Rack and Chirp Portable are the systems of choice by the ocean research community worldwide.

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