Sounder Portable

The Sounder Portable echosounder system is housed in a splash-proof case and incorporates frequency agile channels within the range of 24-210 kHz. System setup is simple with an over the side pole-mounted transducer and a direct USB connection to the user’s computer. Our proprietary SounderSuite software is supplied with the system which allows the user to control, operate and record the full echogram on their computer via the EchoControl portion of the software. The standard dual channel system is capable of operating two frequencies within the range of 24-210kHz simultaneously or independently providing comparative sea bottom sediment data for marine depth surveys.

Available in 2 or 4 channel configurations, this portable echosounder is particularly well-suited to multiple survey roles and includes a wide range of standard shallow water bathymetry and side scan frequencies. Take this portable depth sounder with you wherever you go!

The Knuden Portable Sounder, a heavy duty lightweight echosounder with a tight-seal water-proof case
Sounder Portable case folded up
portable unit from side angle showing connectors on that side
Portable unit from other side angle, showing the rest of the connectors

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